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UPDATE2014-02-17 16:05:00

iOS Mobile Entwickler

Beim Wasserturm
71332 Waiblingen

+49 15771907639 - Radu Turcas

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iOS android

Entwickler - Beschreibung

I have developed several iOS apps and games that can be found on the AppStore:

I am familiar with iOS development tools and APIs. Every project that I have been worked on was challenging in a different way. I am forever improving my skills, doing what I love: developing iOS Apps

Referenzen von iOS Mobile Entwickler

BizEmail - Track Group Email with Cloud Attachments

Kategorie Produktivität
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung BizEmail is an email sending app with cloud services for the iPhone and iPod Touch (Dropbox & Google Drive). BizEmail is your perfect tool when it comes to sending emails if you are that sales & marketing person who needs to: -email multiple files at the same time; -email to a single contact or multiple contacts; -track if your email was opened, when and where; -save and use your typed email as an email template; -attach documents from Cloud Services such as Dropbox or Google Drive or photos from your Camera Roll;
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Tops & Tails - Multiplayer Words Domino Game

Kategorie Spiele
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung Tops and Tails is a simple, very entertaining and addictive word game that challenges you to find words that begin with the last X (1, 2, 3) characters from the previous word.
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iBoogie - Sex diary and meter

Kategorie Lifestyle
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung Willst du zu jeder Zeit einen Überblick haben mit wem, wie lange, wie oft und wo du Sex hattest? Das kannst du jetzt mit iBoogie. Speicher jedes einzelne Mal explizit bis ins letzte pikante Detail um den Überblick über dein ausschweifendes Sexleben nicht zu verlieren
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Math Attacks

Kategorie Spiele
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung Number infested meteors are about to hit and destroy the Earth. Is your math good enough to save it?!! Try to save the world in over 400 levels.
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Dr. med. vet. Martin Mayer - Veterinarian, vet for small animals

Kategorie Wirtschaft
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung Are you looking for a great English speaking vet in the Waiblingen / Stuttgart area? Download this app and find: - Contact details of Dr. med. vet. Martin Mayer - Clinic address - Opening times - Call the clinic directly from the app - Localization on the map and route from your location to his clinic - Save vet appointments in the app and also in your iPhone calendar. Set appointment reminders so you won't ever forget about the next vet visit of your beloved pet
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Mr BioChem - Biochemistry lab help

Kategorie Produktivität
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung Mr. Biochem is the trusty lab partner of any life sciences student. Mr. Biochem can: - Convert DNA sequences into their reverse, complement or reverse-complement - Find restriction sites in given DNA sequences - Translate DNA sequence into protein - Show you the codon table and the periodic table - Calculate the protein concentration in your sample, based on the absorbance and the extinction coefficient of your protein
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Spell My Phone Number - Vanity numbers made easy

Kategorie Unterhaltung
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung Do you want to translate your phone number into a readable word? Now you can, this app uses 60k+ english words that are used to convert a phone number into one or two words by using the numeric pad correspondent letters.
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Calculator Taxa Auto - Timbrul de Mediu 2013

Kategorie Finanzen
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung This application is meant to help users calculate an environment tax called – Environment Stamp -. This tax was introduced in Romania and affects all automobiles.
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Eye Tracker - Write Messages

Kategorie Medizin
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung The prototype application purpose is to assist users write messages using only their eye's direction and blinks. The prototype was developed having in mind people with ALS, Locked-in syndrome or any person that can only move their eyes and eye lids.
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