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UPDATE2012-10-16 23:24:45

iOS Developer

40210 Düsseldorf

+4915787836809 - Vilma Valiente

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Entwickler - Beschreibung

I am an iOS and C++ developer with over four years of professional experience in software development.

For three years and four months, I worked as a software development engineer at NCR Corporation( and that gave me a solid experience in object-oriented programming and over-all software development process. For one year and one month, I was employed by a prominent Singaporean, Tan Kin Lian(, as a mobile developer targeting iOS and Symbian^3(Nokia) platforms.

My technical experience and great work ethics make me suitable for handling iOS application projects, independently or in a team.

Here are my key strengths:
• Degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with more than four years of experience as a software developer
• Strong background in object-oriented programming and software development life cycle
• Developed iOS and Symbian^3 applications independently
• Experience managing iOS Dev Center and iTunesConnect, Nokia Developer and Publish accounts
• Flexibility working as self-motivated developer, either independently or in a team
• Experience in reverse engineering
• Excellent in debugging
• Experience working in huge systems like NCR self checkout systems
• Adapts to unfamiliar or new technologies quickly
• Flexible and very keen to learn new tools and technologies
• Has an eye for design
• Experience working in an international environment
• Fluent in English and basic understanding of German

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