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UPDATE2020-03-17 18:33:07
Celadon -  Programmierung


Mogilevskaya 2/2, office 18
22007 Minsk

+375 29 618 27 75 - Alexey Falco

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With a thoughtful approach to our clients’ goals, we help businesses and startups get their innovative software projects done on time. We focus on Mobile and Web Development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Why us:

We are taking care of the project from the concept stage to the market launch and support.
We focus on a selection of technologies that we master. It results in better effectiveness of our work.
Based in Minsk, Belarus we have an office in Dubai, UAE.
Regular updates and openness are the basements of our processes.
We are always in touch. Comfortable communication process is a key to success.
We don’t work by fixed price. Instead, we are focused on addressing feedback and changes as promptly as possible.
On a corporate policy level, we build a culture of approaching projects with inspiration. We really care about our customers’ needs.

Contact Celadon in the USA: +17735922
Or Visit our office in Dubai, UAE: Business Bay, Iris Bay - office 924

Referenzen von Celadon

Sports Social Network

Kategorie Sport
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung Mobile service for amateur soccer players that helps them to schedule matches, take part in local tournaments and build social relationships using built-in chat and gamification features. Advanced notifications system should've been implemented to support request/accept/reject flow as well as built-in chat and multi-language support, including Arabic RTL.
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Risk Assessment Analytics

Kategorie Lifestyle
Betriebssysteme Web App
Beschreibung A data analytics module that can forecast insurance risks based on the user parameters compared to the custom unique dataset of huge insurance history.
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Food Ordering App For Restaura

Kategorie sonstige
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung Ordering application made with delivery, geolocation, built-in customer behavior analytics and personalized suggestions. Made to up sale.
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Business Intelligence Platform

Kategorie Unternehmensinterne Apps
Betriebssysteme Web App
Beschreibung A SaaS MVP based on web scraping, data analytics and data visualization. Used to provide insights about competitors and market, provide pricing recommendations.
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Government Elections Campaign

Kategorie Wirtschaft
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android, Web App
Beschreibung It's a social media marketing solution - Web and Mobile advertising system for supporting election campaigns. We've created two Web applications and an Android app. Then these multi-sited systems were integrated to make up a unique platform.
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Mobile App for Visas and Tours

Kategorie Reisen
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung User-friendly mobile application for iOS and Android, where users can securely manage their documents and apply for visas in a few clicks, that utilize third-party API heavily and have AI-based smart offer feature. We paid attention to secure the stored users’ documents copies and other users’ data. There are third party API’s are being integrated from partner-network for the travels tour booking. Smart offer feature – offers potentially interesting tours for the user based on the user’s in-app behavior and history.
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Personal Coach App With AI

Kategorie Sport
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung An AI-powered mobile app that, with the help of artificial intelligence, monitor the user via the camera and compare the movements of the user to the ones we've uploaded as references – the movements of professional athletes and gym coaches. In addition, the app is also able to monitor user’s progress and tailor an individual workout program just for the user and for all those who wish to work out in a fun and efficient way.
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Sports Events Management App

Kategorie Unterhaltung
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung Horse riding sport events application provides timing and statistics data of upcoming, live and past races held in UAE. The client - a big local horse club - requested us to develop a mobile application that would analyze and represent the complex real-time racing data in an intuitive and understandable way. Another important IoT related feature of this project, we had to think about a specific way of integrating the app with the local software, organize the efficient data transferring process (according to the client's possibilities) and build the project around these requirements.
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HR Software MVP

Kategorie Produktivität
Betriebssysteme Web App
Beschreibung The client's goal was to create an AI-powered Recruitment System that would automate a bunch of recruitment processes and save time on matching the candidate with the position.
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Construction Services Marketpl

Kategorie sonstige
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung Mobile and Web application system that helps simplify a private house buying and construction experience. Made for house selection, construction permit ordering, applying for a bank loan and construction progress tracking.
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Audio Streaming App

Kategorie Musik
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung The app for audio streaming of non-musical content with custom music player. Includes offline mode and publishers interface.
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