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UPDATE2020-04-06 11:17:01
Gojek Clone -  Programmierung

Gojek Clone

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Launch your Gojek clone that can help entrepreneurs in serving multiple on-demand services instantly. Offering multiple services like transportation, food delivery, healthcare, etc., can benefit the users and profit the business owners. The app is 100% customizable including the logo, the color scheme, and the app name. The app is filled with features like real-time tracking and personalized search suggestions. The app comes with a strong and powerful admin dashboard monitoring rides, deliveries instantly. Visit Appdupe to know further about the Gojek Clone script.

Highlights of Gojek clone solution,

- App For User & Providers - IOS And Android App
- Store/Restaurant IOS And Android App
- Driver/Delivery Person IOS And Android App
- Advanced Admin Panel
- Service Provider Web Panel
- Schedule Bookings
- Booking Records
- Multiple Payment Methods
- Live Vehicle Tracking
- Analytics Tracking
- Multiple City/Country
- Geo-Fencing