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Serge Helfrich -  Programmierung

Serge Helfrich

Schulstr. 46
47559 Kranenburg

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Entwickler - Beschreibung

Software Entwickler mit Fokus auf Android Apps und Web Applikationen, von Business Software bis zu Games.

(Entwickler ID | SCORE 10 | HITS 1942 | GEO-TAG 51.7856/6.05916)

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Kategorie Produktivität
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung Q-Fieldservice by Quality IT is a complete planning and work order processing solution for field staff. A central planner application integrates with a mobile application running on smartphones. Q-Fieldservice Mobile is now available on Android. Please contact Quality IT in The Netherlands for more information or a demonstration. Work orders are planned with a clear and conveniently arranged scheduler. Field personnel receive them on their smartphone. Q-Fieldservice Mobile provides all the work order details and provides the functionality to handle the order according to a customized workflow.


Kategorie SocialNet
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung There are times when you need instant assistance from family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. Whether it is urgent medical attention, fire, burglary or the threat of violence... SOS4US comes to the rescue. With SOS4US you create personal networks of trusted people who can be alerted in case of emergency with just one push of the button. The networks you create are linked to specific locations like neighbours at home, colleagues at work, fellow shop owners in your mall or street.

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Kategorie Referenz
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung Suche nach Stadt, Landeskreis oder Institution zum Unterscheidungszeichen. Funktioniert auch unterwegs ohne Internetverbindung (selbstv. außer externe Links).


Kategorie Spiele
Betriebssysteme Android, Web App
Beschreibung Galgenmännchen auf Niederländisch.


Kategorie Produktivität
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung AptiMob immediately connects you with all available professionals in your network. Search for specific skills within the geographical area of your need and take in real-time results at a glance. Find, contact and mobilize your available professionals in the field without a single phone call. Our solution is generic. It will suit your needs, whether you work with construction, health care or ICT professionals. It can also help you build crowdsourcing networks for any purpose.