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UPDATE2021-07-27 14:54:19

Agente company

ul. Szafarnia 11, lok. F8
80-75 Gdansk

+ 1 646 980 44 87 - Eugene

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Entwickler - Beschreibung

Agente is a design-driven software development company with 11-year experience in creating web and mobile applications.

Since 2009, we collaborate closely with startups and established brands to develop digital products from scratch or leverage their existing products.

Our core expertise includes Web development (JavaScript, React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Ruby, Node.js, Python), Mobile development (Native Android, iOS, Cross-platform), UI/UX design and QA & testing.

We are here to bring your ideas into life. Share your challenge with our team and we will assist you with a solution development.

Find our clients’ testimonials here:

— Top 3 Belarus User Experience consultants by Clutch, March 2021
— Leader among Top 30 UX agencies in Minsk by Manifest, February 2021
— Top 1000 B2B Service Providers for 2020 in Exclusive Clutch 1000 List