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UPDATE2021-05-12 16:48:10
EBS Integrator -  Programmierung

EBS Integrator

Str.Columna 170/C
2004 Chisinau

060871907 - Kareem Kh

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Entwickler - Beschreibung

EBS Integrator is a software development house, that focuses its energy on delivering outstanding digital experiences for each stakeholder, in an accelerated rhythm.

The company powers a full-cycle development approach in delivering Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), Full-Packaged Products, Application Refactoring and Software Redesign services. Each of their projects, feature industry-related consultancy, architecture design, logic implementation, testing, post-launch support (software piloting) as well as ongoing project maintenance.

Infrastructure (Moldova only):
- 1300 sqm Office Space, organized as open spaces, meeting rooms, sales ,and administrative spaces
- 50+ units;
- Redundant Multihomed Data centre;
- Self-Owned Network (ASN: AS206678);
Infrastructure design and deployment: Docker, GIT, GitLab, Sentry, Kubernetes, Kafka, Graylog, Redis, RabbitMQ, Sonatype Nexus, Jenkins, CentOS/Redhat Middleware;
Backend and API Micro-Services: Java, Spring, Python3, Django, Websockets, JWT, Node.js, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Slim;
Front-End Provisioning: JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, Vue.js, Vuex, Angular.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Material Design, Rafael.js, BackBone.js, ExpressJS, KoaJS;
Native and Cross-Platform Mobile Production: Swit5, Storyboard, Autolayout, VIPER, Firebase Crashlytics, Fabric, Kotlin, JAVA, ADT, NDK, React Native, Flutter;

EBS Integrator is focused on delivering Outstanding Digital Experiences to individuals, SMEs as well as Enterprises that seek custom software development and require a dedicated IT provisioning team. Our business model is powered exclusively by high-quality, peer-to-peer prospect relations and this is what segregates us from the main Eastern European outsourcing market. We transparently say what we do and do what we say, to enable trust and a quality-driven development cycle for our stakeholders and we’ll never abandon what we’ve started.