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UPDATE2012-01-12 17:35:45
mobiwolf -  Programmierung


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Referenzen von mobiwolf

Whiz Kid

Kategorie Spiele
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung Whiz Kid - colorful entertainment and educational application, or specifically - a game for children and their parents. Rules of the game are simple and intuitive. You will see the sequence of scenes with funny little animals. Each story – is a fairly easy problem or a set of tasks. After successful solving of the task the user navigates to the next chapter. There are some types of the tasks which have been already implemented in this version of Whiz Kid application: • Find differences at 2 pictures • Find hidden objects • Complete the sequence of figures, numbers • Buy goods for a certain amount of money • Determine the time, which the watches have been set to • Calcu
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Kategorie SocialNet
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung GeneDroid - it is easy to navigate family tree, based on a well-known service Geni. The main features of the program: - Family tree view and navigation - Demonstrate family tree to your friends and relatives - Read information about the family members in their native language To start to enjoy the program you should have a free account on GeneDroid is great opportunity for Android smartphones users to get connection with a leading service platform for genealogy.
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United Taxi

Kategorie Navigation
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung Los Angelos United Taxi reservation application
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Insulin Bolus Wizard

Kategorie Medizin
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Beschreibung Medical mobile application that calculates an estimated insulin bolus with active insulin to support your food intake or to correct a high blood glucose. It is very necessarily for patient with diabetes mellitus.
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Kategorie Dienstprogramme
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung Nice constructor of USSD requests. You may easily construct requests using data in contacts. You may download command extra sets here: New version allows to add shortcuts to Home Screen (use long tap on a command).
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Kategorie Navigation
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung Graveyard has been developed to either help user save the location (GPS Coordinates) of a loved one’s final resting place, or to use mobile phone applications to help user locate a graveside that has already been saved. Once a graveside has been saved on the database, a distinct ID Number is assigned to each graveside profile. The ID Number can easily be given to friends and family to help them find the graveside location.
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Kategorie Nachrichten
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung News on telecommunications market of Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
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Kategorie Wirtschaft
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung Children’s theaters playbill, picture stories and reviews on shows, shops, medical clinics, restaurants, childcare centers, museums and exhibitions– all that is available to families with kids in St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Kategorie Referenz
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung Mobile business directory of Russian-speaking North America
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