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UPDATE2015-04-15 14:37:48
OCSICO -  Programmierung


10A, Biruzova Str. 220073, Minsk, Belarus

+375 (17) 290-86-39 - Jane Matsesha

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Entwickler - Beschreibung

OCS Innovation Company (OCSICO) is a professional and reliable software development services provider delivering exceptional, cost-effective outsourcing solutions.

We offer project-based software development and also set up dedicated teams and offshore departments.

Our services:
Custom applications development
- Mobile/wireless applications development
- Web design and development
- SharePoint development
- Embedded systems development
- Science-intensive products development
Computer vision expertise
Software testing and quality assurance
Maintenance and support
IT infrastructure support services

Mobile Software Development
- Business applications
- News applications
- Games/Entertainment applications
- Music applications
- Social networks integration
- Navigation
- Geocoding
- Telephony/SMS/MMS
- Health care
- Travel
- System applications

- Languages: Objective-C, Java, C/C++, C#, Python, LUA, JavaScript
- Data exchange: JSON, XML
- Networking: REST, SOAP, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, XMPP, Bonjour
- OpenGL ES 1.x/2.0
- Google protobuffer

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