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UPDATE2014-02-19 14:39:10
Mobi Lab -  Programmierung

Mobi Lab

Akadeemia 3, Tartu, Estland

03725239766 - Björn Fröhling

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Entwickler - Beschreibung

- App-Entwicklung für iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry und J2ME
- Grafik- und Interaktionsdesign
- Software-Qualitatssicherung
- Vertrieb und Marketing
- Konzept- und Prototypentwicklung

Referenzen von Mobi Lab


Kategorie Fotografie
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung Allows creating beautiful postcards with any Android or iOS device that Touchnote will print and post on the users behalf. Featured in iTunes's 'New and Noteworthy', Google Play, Techcrunch and more. Some of the features include: In-app payments, Facebook integration for contact list and pictures, Image manipulation and handwriting support.

Air Patrol

Kategorie Dienstprogramme
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Beschreibung An app that allows users to remotely control the AirPatrol Heat Pump Controllers. The two-way communication between the app and the heat pump control hardware is realized using SMS messages or WiFi connection. Features: Managing of single and group controllers. Displays humidity and outside temperature. Alarms and warnings about low/high temperature, service times etc. Possible to set scheduled events for WiFi controllers.

Figure Friends

Kategorie Gesundheit
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung Nutrition plays a key role in our health but the theory behind it can be very complex. User-centred design by focusing on most essential data and a very positive attitude is our answer to this complexity. We have created Figure Friends, a personal nutrition guide where you in a simplistic way can keep track of your daily food consumption and get immediate feedback on how balanced you are eating.


Kategorie Fotografie
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung An app that helps busy parents save precious memories and time by keeping all the content of their children in one organized and safe place. Create a single, beautiful timeline of your child's life, available anytime , anywhere. Features: Image/video/text content upload and browsing, In-app billing, Integration with different apps (sharing things to and from different apps).


Kategorie SocialNet
Betriebssysteme Android, Blackberry
Beschreibung Social network app that allows users to communicate using voice messages. Allows taking voice notes and adding location and text information to each message.