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Bright Sudoku

Kategorie Spiele
Betriebssysteme iPhone / iPad
Beschreibung Bright Sudoku is suitable for people of all ages. It trains children in mathematics, logic and patterns. It helps seniors to exercise their mind (and keep away dementia). Bright Sudoku has several levels of difficulty (Very Easy, Easy, Moderate & Difficult). You can start at the "Very Easy" level and progress to the higher levels. The game also allows you to choose which symbol to use (Numbers, Animals, Flowers & Letters). HOW TO PLAY Each row, column and 3 x 3 boxes should have the digits 1 to 9, without repeating. The initial numbers (marked with yellow dot at the bottom-right corner) for the puzzle are fixed and cannot be erased. The blank squares can be filled with numbers and can be erased. A number is entered by touching that number in the bottom panel and dropping that number in the 9 x 9 frame. If a number is selected, this number can be dropped in several places until a new number is selected. The eraser button works in the same way. When all the squares are filled up, click Submit button and your solution will be checked. Same applies when Animals, Flowers or Letters are used. GAME MODE 1. PRACTICE Play at 4 levels of difficulty (Very Easy, Easy, Moderate and Difficult) and with 4 types of symbols (Numbers, Animals, Flowers, Letters). Improve your speed in solving each puzzle. This will come in handy when you proceed to GRADED Mode! The time taken by the player to play each game is stored in the achievement record. It allows the player to compare the time taken to complete the various puzzles at the specified levels and type. 2. GRADED There are 8 grades in this mode. The player starts at Grade 1 (White belt) and has to complete 3 puzzles at the lowest level of difficulty using numbers within 5 minutes each. As each puzzle is completed within 5 minutes, the score is counted and saved. If the player takes more than 5 minutes, the puzzle is not counted. On completing the 3 puzzles, the player is upgraded to the next grade. Grade 1 – White Belt = Very Easy and Numbers. Grade 2 – Yellow Belt = Very Easy and either Animals, Flowers or Letters (chosen randomly). Grade 3 – Orange Belt = Easy and Numbers. Grade 4 – Green Belt = Easy and either Animals, Flowers or Letters (chosen randomly). Grade 5 – Blue Belt = Moderate and Numbers. Grade 6 – Brown Belt = Moderate and either Animals, Flowers or Letters (chosen randomly). Grade 7 – Black Belt = Difficult and Numbers. Grade 8 – Red Belt = Difficult and either Animals, Flowers or Letters (chosen randomly). Be the Master of Bright Sudoku by reaching the RED Belt! Have fun! Lite Version: - Practice Mode only and with limited puzzles to play for each level. - Achievement screen disabled. Full Version: - Graded Mode unlocked. - Practice Mode with more puzzles. - Achievement screen enabled.
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