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Taxi Booking 5.0

Kategorie Navigation
Betriebssysteme iPhone / iPad
Beschreibung Taxi Automated Booking System (TABS) 5.0 is currently available in Singapore. Customers may book a taxi using this app. Upon booking a taxi, the customer is automatically added to the system and will then be matched to the nearest available taxi. Taxi operators may pick up customers registered in the system. The system automatically filters the nearest customers according to the taxi driver's current location. REMINDER: This app requires internet connection and location services to work. It is advisable to use 3G or a fast Wi-fi connection for faster and more accurate location retrieval. HOW TO USE: CUSTOMER Register As Customer - An account will be created using your mobile number. Booking A Taxi - Provide your pickup point and destination. If pickup point is not provided, the system will retrieve your estimated address. Note: Only addresses within Singapore will be accepted. - Choose your booking fee. This will be paid on top of your fare. - Press “Book A Taxi” button and you will be added to our system. - Once a taxi driver accepts your booking, you will be prompted. - Update the system if your transaction was successful, no show, or cancelled. NOTE: You will be automatically removed from the queue an hour after your last server update. TAXI Register As Taxi - An account will be created using your mobile number. Finding Customers - Press “Find Customers” button and the system will send you back maximum of 5 customers that are nearest to your location. - The listed 5 nearest customers will include estimated distance, pickup point, destination and booking fee. You may view all the important details by clicking the disclosure button. - Choose the customer you wish to pick up by pressing the “Yes” button. This will allow the system to prompt the customer that you are about to pick them up. - Update the system if your transaction was successful, no show, or cancelled.
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