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on-demand courier app

Kategorie Unternehmensinterne Apps
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung In previous times, we know how hard it was to reach so good or things to your loved ones. The process of sending things via postal was time consuming and had no other ways. They don’t know when it will reach the desired place and how long it will take. But as the technology has grown till a stage where sending is as easy as giving the things straight to the hands of the desired ones. This pandemic has witnessed the usefulness of the courier delivery apps and they have made their task very easy and quick. Without any time the complete sending process was done within a few steps. Here at INORU the courier app developers analyse the market trend and device solutions that cater the global customer’s requirements quite easily. This is a tailored application that has high-performing technologies and user friendly tools. This has the best technologies like React Native, Node JS, React JS, MongoDB, Flutter and offers intuitive UI/UX and seamless functionalities. Now let us see the features that make the work so easy. Social media login- Service seekers log in to the app with email and phone numbers or even via social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and others. Browse and select service Customers browse available services and books based upon the size and quantity of the items, time and mode of delivery, and other factors. Book now/schedule Customers can either book courier service right-away or schedule pick-up and delivery for a later period. Summing up, If you have decided to invest in a courier delivery app INORU is the perfect solution. If you have any doubts regarding the same, our team experts can clear your all queries and doubts and help and guide you launch the app within a few days.
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