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Betriebssysteme iPhone / iPad
Beschreibung You like Sudoku? Then you gonna love HITASHU! Hitashu is a brand new game that challenges your ability of mental arithmetics. How fast are you? Can you solve the square(s) before you're out of time? *****INSTRUCTIONS***** fill the empty operators with + - x or / and get the result! *****THREE DIFFERENT MODES**** #normal mode - play against time #french mode - just play against yourself #multiplayer mode - play against your friends *****INFINITE LEVELS******* Choose between two different modes (normal mode and french mode) and play INFINITE levels since the app creates new levels itself (normal mode) or over 100 different levels (french mode). *****MULTIPLAYER GAMES****** Play multiplayer games and add players just by poking or shaking their iPhones! *****ONLINE HIGHSCORES****** just let the app autoupload your highscores and compete with the best players worldwide! *****PLAY IT WITH YOUR IPHONE OR IPOD TOUCH***** (iPad Version coming soon)
Link http://www.hitashu.com...
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