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File Extension

Kategorie Referenz
Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung With the FileExtension App unknown file extensions can be searched and identified. The app accesses a online database with over 11,000 extensions....and still growing. Got a mail with a mail attachment with an unknown (possibly even "dangerous") file extension? Time to clean up the hard drive but before deleting the file try to check and open it. But what is the right program, if not installed and assigned to the extension ? A careless double-click is not always recommended. Extensions such as *.doc, *.pdf or *.exe are almost known by everyone but what about the other tens of thousands unknown file extensions? After the search, the file extension and all found matches including a description are displayed in a list. Because of different meanings for one extension all related hits will be determined. There are file extensions with associated programs for Windows, Mac OS, Unix/Linux and OS/2 in the database. On the detail page all information about the extension are available like the extension itself, the description, the assigned application and all operations systems where the assigned software is available for (display with OS icon). Also a Special feature: By double tapping on a Web Search button you can quickly start a web search to get more information on the application, like price, download options, vendor etc. Based on the community character of the online database (website www.file-extensions.com) every day about 2-5 new extensions are added or new meanings are added. (website in german)
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