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Uber For Tutors - Inoru

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Betriebssysteme iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Web App
Beschreibung Education is a basic necessity for everyone. No one can skip themselves from education and educating themselves. Due to the pandemic, education has onboarded into the digital world. When the nation went through a strict lockdown, children going to schools were found dangerous and not safe. But children can’t escape from education and learning as they are the promise for the future of this world. As a person who is concerned about the future, everyone has some responsibility to resolve these problems. Parents are hardly trying to teach their kids to learn and keep them occupied but these haven’t been very effective as they are busy with their work and jobs. And as a result, they ended up searching for tutors. Introducing Uber For Tutors an on-demand online tutoring from Inoru Let us see what features this app offers. SIGN-UP- The student registers themselves in the app by using their email address or their contact number. SURFING FOR TUTORS- The student browses the app for a suitable tutor on the subject they require and the expertise level they want. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS-The students are notified about the requests made by them for tutors via push notifications instantly. TUTORING PLAN- The sessions are planned considering the free time of the teacher and the student. And a schedule is fixed. DASHBOARD- The data on the requests made by the student, the classes attended, the pending classes, and more are displayed in the dashboard. REFER AND EARN- A small token of appreciation as in-app points can be rewarded to the students for referring their students to Uber for tutor app and making them sign up for it. Concluding, INORU has been observing all this and came to realize that all the parents want is to send their kids to some tutors and get them educated. If you decide to set your foot in this business, contact us whenever you feel like it and launch your own on-demand uber for tutor app without wasting time.
Link www.inoru.com/uber-for-tutors...

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