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Mollvis language learning

Kategorie Bildung
Betriebssysteme iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows Phone
Beschreibung For a visually impaired (vi) person language learning is the main road towards effective communication, social inclusion and job opportunity. The present economic trend shows that the German economy is in a growing phase, and German tourists are still world-wide leaders in traveling abroad. Consequently, job opportunities in all fields based on verbal communication are a crucial factor in view of implementing social integration and job opportunities for vi people in Europe. Unfortunately, mainstream publishers do not take blind and vi students into account when developing teaching material. Since paper-based text books are not accessible, computer-based teaching material designed for vi students provides real chances of learning in general and also of learning a foreign language. In this context, mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers can offer new ways of language learning. These devices are not only attractive to younger people (and could thus encourage language learning), they also offer accessibility features for vi people. However, existing language learning apps on these devices are not accessible. At the same time, these apps make no use of the communicative potential that these devices offer. The project MoLLVIS therefore plans to create German language learning apps for Windows, Apple and Android devices based on the results of the European projects ALLVIP, ELLVIS and VET4VIP that created computer-based language courses for vi learners. As a result the existing ALLVIP, ELLVIS and VET4VIP courses can be used on several (mobile) devices and operating systems. As special education has to provide individual learning routes for students due to differences in the way blind and partially sighted study material, this system of flexible use of teaching content will have a considerable impact. As the user-interface is designed to be also attractive to sighted learners, the impact goes beyond the group of vi students and will reach a wide audience.
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