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Train your voice: Singing technique for amateurs and professionals (ID 6929)

Projektbeschreibung I have seen many apps for singing karaoke and also for singing tones and getting feedback about one's intonation, but I have an idea for creating a training program for amateur and professional singers, which isn't based on repertoire or songs, but on an enormous collection of exercises with different focuses to train different aspects of singing.

Many of my students have suggested I put "warm-up routines and exercises" with the accompanying piano (which I myself play) in Youtube, but instead I created a database of exercises and posted them to my webpage so that I can pick the appropriate ones for each student, based on their individual needs: [detailinfo]
Several students have already suggested that my database is the beginning of a very good app--

In the app I want to build (web and mobile), the user can set the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional) and choose from many other settings in terms of focus - agility, building resonance, body work, etc. I could even imagine building in different exercises based on the style (opera, musical, pop, for example).

Based on how I classify each exercise, the app should create a unique "warm-up" or technique routine that focuses on the settings that the singer has chosen, for a time that they choose (5 min., 8 min., 10, 12, 15, 20 or max. 25 min.) I can see this being extremely useful for amateur choir singers who want to warm up before rehearsal, or even assisting professional singers daily in keeping in shape and getting the voice warm before their private practice, rehearsals, or performances.

It would be an app parallel to the Downdog yoga app (https://www.downdogapp.com/), which is not based on giving feedback, but rather providing a guided, unique vocal "work-out" every day, derived from a large database of exercises presented every time in different combinations.

For an MVP it could be mostly sound bites, with perhaps some videos for exercises in body work, with audio explanation tracks in English and in German (scalable to adding many more languages). Demonstrations of the exercises should be without words and re-usable in every language track, so that only the explanations need be translated.

I would be thrilled to hear from developers with experience designing music apps!
AEV Zusatzinfo aus Kundenkontakt Anfragerin spricht sehr gut deutsch.
Im ersten Schritt für das genannte Budget muss die App im Prinzip nur "getaggte" Audio-Übungen filtern und abspielen. Ggf. ist ein Backend notwendig, in dem die Auftraggeberin die Übungen einpfelgen kann.

Die Anfragerin ist professionelle Sopranistin und hat sehr konkrete und fundierte Vorstellungen sowohl vom Design, als auch der Funktionsweise.

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