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App zur technischen Dokumentation Elektrik (ID 1791)

Projektbeschreibung Target is the creating of an universal iOS-App with 4 modules (eBooks, Infoletters, Calculation, REGTim) and also REGTim as a standalone version as Demo and Pro.

Properties of App:
2 Languages (German/English)
App must work on iOS >= 3.0 (iPhone and iPad)
Screen rotation must work in every app part

The App should contain these parts:

1. splash screen

On app start a splash screen must be used. See folder “Splash – Mainscreen”

2. home screen

- A simple main-menulayout for main-screen – see file “2012_03_12_iphone_overview.jpg”

3. two eBooks – Part I and Part II

The eBooks are currently PDF-documents with about 350 pages each. The eBook should be zoomable, scrollable and simple flip over function with one finger. It must also be possible to set favorite pages and jump to the favorites.

And we also need an autosave function. If I return to eBook Part 1 I have to continue reading on last position. So like a hidden bookmark with autoload function.

The Books contains formulas which are mostly written as text (only a few as image). For some icons in the formulas we need popup window with description when I click on this formula-icon. The text to use is attached on “Appendix” in the books..

4. infoletter-collection

It´s nearly the same as 2. eBooks, but only 2-3 pages and with more images, and it’s a collection with about 5 or 6 infoletters. See sample on file “example_infoletter_18.pdf”

5. Calculation

We will deliver an excel-sheet (“E-2.6.1-Transformator-2_frei.xls”) with calculations. The marked fields (green = input, red = output) have to be used in delivered design asset. So the formulas can be taken completely from Excel.

For information:
Table A: original from customer (only for information)
Table B: translated text and marked fields

6. REGTim

The aim is to create a regulator simulation on iOS in two version: demo and pro. The demo will be integrated into Multi-App. And both versions must be also compiled as a standalone version. So the project “Multi-App” will result in 3 IPA files…
The attached application “RegTIM” is short-name for “Regulat simulator”.
Content of application
The Simulation is for “Parallel operation of power-controller”. You can change different settings (general settings on mainscreen) and regulator-based settings (click on regulator) within the application. This results into an automatic adjustment of transformators. (timer function).
There’s a timer which adjust the regulators in more than 1 step. So the change of values adjusts the regulator in more steps. Try to use the application to understand.
To understand the app the integrated help could be used. It’s also possible to switch the language to English.
Source Code
The Source Code of this RegTIM-Application is attached, so coder can analyze and port it to iOS. The application was coded in 20th century under Windows 95. Have a look into the file “REGTim Windows95.zipx”. It contains a Windows 95 virtual machine with Borland IDE for coder.
Versions Demo/Pro
The Pro-Version contains only one additional function: saving/loading of regulator settings.

Wenn Sie mich per Mail kontaktieren, übersende ich ihnen weitere Infos (Datenbank etc.)

AEV Zusatzinfo aus Kundenkontakt - Anfrager ist selbst Programmier und benötigt Hilfe bei der Umsetzung dieser iOS App
- Portierung aus verschiedenen Datanbanken, die unterschiedliche Funktionalitäten aufweist
- Newsletter
- eBook (Fachinformationen aus dem Elektrik-Bereich)
- Datenbank komplett vorhanden
- teilweise Schnittstellen (APIs, Json) werden gemeinsam erarbeitet
- ca. 100-200 Datenbank
- Grafiken sind vorhanden und werden komplett geliefert


Veröffentlicht am09.07.2012
Angebotsfrist bisk.A.

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geplantes Budget € 3.500
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