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Brilliantservice GmbH

Theodor-Heuss-Allee 112
60486 Frankfurt am Main

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Wir haben hohe Technik und in die App-Entwickelung viele geleistet. außerdem wurden wir viele Bücher veröffentlicht.

(Entwickler ID | SCORE 30 | HITS 3069 | GEO-TAG 50.1165/8.62975)

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Kategorie Produktivität
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung Are you looking for a convenient Tool for Google Drive? JIZAI DRIVE provide the following functions. - Secure connection to Google Drive. - High-speed download/upload of files. - Can be open many kinds file types. (Microsoft office file, iWorks file, OpenOffice file, Image file, Movie file, Music file, etc...) - Open a document from other App. - Scene function can be gather presentation materials. - All easy operation!

Moving Panorama Photo

Kategorie Fotografie
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android


Kategorie Spiele
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android
Beschreibung Touch Aquarium.


Kategorie Wirtschaft
Beschreibung - Harigana - the famous word game now with Hiragana - The famous word game that has been extremely popular in the west for a long time has finally made its way to the east and been adapted to be played in the Japanese language using Hiragana and the name is Harigana. Harigana is played alone in single-player game or by 2-4 players, using Game Center to connect the players. If you haven’t registered with Game Center already, please register in the Game Center app on your device or when first launching Harigana. Game Center is included in all iOS devices that Harigana is available for. - Synced across your devices - By using the same Game Center account, all your multiplayer ga


Kategorie Spiele
Betriebssysteme iOS
Beschreibung PANELS 3D is here!! In PANELS 3D we take a well known pastime fun into a whole new level. The scenery is deep space and your job is to free yourself from the cage you are trapped in by finding the matching pairs of the panels that make up the cage surrounding you. Your iOS device’s display functions as a window into the game world. Hold the device with both hands in portrait mode and move around you in all directions to explore the cage your are trapped in. Tap on any panel to flip it over and tap a second panel to find the matching pair. Game is completed when all pairs are found and you freed yourself from the cage. ?Free version features? - 12 panels game, find 6 matching pairs