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UPDATE2021-07-29 14:47:23
Triare -  Programmierung


Ukraine, Baidy Vyshnyvetskogo 56
18000 Cherkasy

+380937685969 - Svitlana Klymenko

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iOS androidweb-app

Entwickler - Beschreibung

TRIARE is a software development company that provides IT solutions, flexible cooperation, web and mobile services for businesses. The company offers a wide range such as simple apps, or complex e-commerce projects, along with the client+server applications.
The professional network of dedicated teams with multiplex technologies coordinate our development and communication with the best Scrum standards. We provide expertise in the IT areas and the required infrastructure for the comfortable and productive work of our clients.
We apply an individual approach for every business and focus on its specifics, which allows us to create an absolutely custom solution. We provide only transparent processes and meet industry requirements.
Behind every project of our company, there is an excellent team of professionals and exceptional values. That is why we choose Responsibility, Reliability, and Relationships as our cornerstone. We cultivate those values that help us to drive a new area of development, innovation, and performance. We deliver the best experience to our customers on a daily basis, contributing to humanity and strengthening our relationships.
Industries: Agricultural, Automotive, Educational, Fitness and Healthcare, E-commerce, Consulting, Real Estate.
Expertise: iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, Node, React, WordPress, Quality Assurance, Project management.

Do you own a small business with a couple of ideas or a big company with multiple needs? We welcome everyone!

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Software Development

Kategorie Bildung
Betriebssysteme iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web App
Beschreibung Providing a wide range of software and web solutions, TRIARE company offers a number of services for businesses and startups. From simple apps to complex e-commerce applications — the enterprise provides a flexible cooperation format for everybody interested in the area. Along with solution development, we provide IT expertises in the required areas and infrastructures for the comfortable performance of our clients. Our professional network and development is coordinated with the best Scrum standards. We approach every client with aim to build relationships, focusing on your business processes, and providing customized solutions. Our activity is transparent and is arranged to market and