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+48 500 822 545 - Marcel Lange

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SoftwareWaves TM is a software-house set up by software engineers and IT managers, experienced in the development of software applications for demanding projects and clients from multiple European countries.

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Kategorie Finanzen
Beschreibung First Smart Bank in Poland Why the SMART app was created? - to respond to new customer’s needs - to follow the technological changes - to create transactions electronically - to make faster execution of orders Strenghts of the project: - digitizing customer processes is one of the elements that characterize SoftwareWaves - work carried out remotely in the project team - fast interaction changes - tests showing the final result

Adam Malysz Dakar Rally App

Kategorie SocialNet
Betriebssysteme Facebook
Beschreibung - involving polish top sportsmen Adam Malysz in application (celebrity endorsement) - involving world known sponsorship partners: Generali, Toyota, Sony, Redbull. - graphic design and programming works. EFFECTS: Over 2 692 participants in game Over 3 473 shares and recommendations user to user. Over 62 283 games played