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UPDATE2012-08-16 14:13:32
Vereo -  Programmierung


Dondukov blvd, Sofia

+359887786333 - Nadia Hristova

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Vereo designs, develops and implements flexible software systems and complete IT solutions to best satisfy client needs.
We are experts in:
mobile applications
Facebook applications
next.gen app store application
corporate solutions
e-commerce applications
data exchange applications
design and development of corporate and public web portal solutions

At Vereo we are content with an ambitious team of over 70 experts, including: project managers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, software designers and software developers.

Among the technologies we have mastered are Microsoft.NET, Java J2EE, PHP, Oracle as well as in mobile apps development (iOS and Android).
When we focus on business analysis, system design, process management, software development and logical design, our clients rely on each and every one of our Microsoft, Oracle, CA, SAP and SUN certified experts.

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Betriebssysteme Android
Beschreibung "Park & Go" is a mobile application managing park time on Blue Zone in all cities in Bulgaria where SMS parking is put into service. With Park & Go you may easily pay for parking on Blue Zone for more than one car. The application will send an SMS on each other hour until set parking time is over. You are able to extend or shorten your parking time any time as well as to stop Blue Zone. The application will notify on each event. Note that the application will not allow you to send any SMS outside the Blue Zone working hours. With "Park & Go" you can easily save your car location and find a route to it. You can manage parking time and save car location whenever your car is parked. You c