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App für Wasserleckortung (ID 3788)

Projektbeschreibung (*Name*) is an App-controlled correlator for water leak detection. Our company is looking for external support in the development of the ES App. The ES App will be based on common code with another app which was already developed, as well as on a prototype of the ES app correlation function which already exists.

In this first phase, the ES correlation function will be developed (see wireframe in separate document). The external development will focus on the UI and the business logic. The UI should be very attractive and intuitive. The communication with the sensors and the persistence layer are mostly available, but they may need to be extended. This will be done by our developers in coordination with the external developers.
A main part of the external development will be the integration of OSM vector maps with a high zoom level, which should be compatible to osmdroid MapViews/TileProviders (e.g. Mapsforge) so that they can be re-used in other apps.
Another important part is the pipe wizard, which allows the users to adjust the logger positions on the map, to draw the pipe segments (a poly line) between the loggers, and to enter the parameters for one or more pipe segments (pipe material, pipe diameter). It should be possible to adjust the positions of the loggers and the pipe segments with an accuracy of 1m or less, so an easy way of zooming may be needed.
Concurrency (e.g. during communication with sensors) needs to be handled properly, as well as abnormal cases like communication failure or a failure of the user to deploy the sensors before the measurement starts.
For testing, the external developers will have access to ES sensors and an ES communication link.
The code must be extensible with future functions like using one sensor as a ground microphone, browsing the measurements stored in the DB, importing KML data with the pipe network, or uploading measurements to a web server.
The minimum documentation consists of source code comments for all non-obvious parts of the code (like workarounds, complex methods or classes, etc.).

OS android

Veröffentlicht am27.11.2014
Angebotsfrist bisk.A.

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geplantes Budget € 12.000
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