Pebble Cast - Dating

Kategorie SocialNet
Betriebssysteme iPhone / iPad
Beschreibung Have fun on live video chats! Earn credits while you chat, then cash in your credits for REAL MONEY! See who's online right now for video chats in your area. PebbleCast lets you send out messages for other people to see - anyone can see your pebble, not just your network friends. Attach text, photos, & video to your pebble, then "cast" your pebble into the stream. Stay connected to accept video chat requests from guys & girls who see your pebble & want to say hi! The longer you chat, the more credits you get! Then cash out your credits for REAL MONEY - that's right, you can make money using PebbleCast! It's easy, it costs nothing to send a pebble, and everyone gets 120 free credits! Attach up to 10 photos to your pebbles - even a short video if you want.
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