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Kategorie Produktivität
Betriebssysteme iPhone / iPad, Android
Beschreibung Speacher is a digital teacher that enables the user to learn whatever they want using the simple question and answer technique. This e-learning app is tailored towards helping students prepare for their tests or exams and learning new things. With its support of dozens of languages it is also perfect for learning new languages. When using this educational app, the students design structured questions with their corresponding answers. The e-learning app will ask them the questions and the students will answer to Speacher with the aid of speech recognition technology. Speech recognition is the ability of an app or program to identify words or phrases in spoken language and convert them into machine readable language. But as in real life, a good learning progress requires an even better teacher. Speacher is also a great tool for this. Teachers can set up questions and answers, categorised by subjects, chapters or topics, and provide them to their students. That way teachers make sure that their students have high quality learning material on which they can rely. Ever since, e-learning was a great chance for people that struggle with the classic way of learning. Take people with dyslexia as an example. Speacher with its full speech recognition functionality increase the possibilities for those people, too. They can just dictate the questions and answers and Speacher will later ask and listen to them.
Link zombiebytestudios.com/apps/spe...
Entwickler Zombiebyte Studios

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